Popular Massages

60 min | $80.00

This is for those who want a generally focused full body massage. A good choice for those with limited massage experience or individuals simply wanting relaxation.

75 min | $95.00

This a full body massage with additional 15 minutes’ focus on a single specified area of injury, discomfort, or targeted intervention. For example, a client may want extra time focused on lower back or neck pain.

90 min | $110.00

This allows client and therapist one or more focused intervention areas, plus a general body massage to balance energy and improve tissue functioning. Recommended for those with massage experience and those seeking to get the most of their treatment time. This time allows therapist to introduce a variety of techniques and aids (for egs. stones and/or MediCupping). Our most popular choice.

120 min | $140.00

For those with ample massage experience and wanting detailed work on several chronic tension areas or seeking to promote structural change in one or more body quadrants. Unless otherwise specified by the client, focus here is generally on deep tissue work and structural change in muscular, nervous, energetic, and overall physiological functioning of the body.

Customized Targeted Treatments

Minimum 45 minutes | $60

Neck/Shoulder/Chest/Arm Massage

This focused massage is designed for those with injury or repetitive strain and/or stress related pain or dysfunction specific to the upper body and arms. It’s a great treat and makes a wonderful gift for anyone from a high-paced computer administrative job to the over exerting golf enthusiast/professional and the avid quilter or seamstress. Loosening, Aligning and improving functioning in this area of the body boosts quality of life and often even makes us feel happier and be more productive.

Hand and/or Foot and/or Ears

Reflexology and Pressure Point Massage – we can work on your whole body through your extremities – your session is customized to relax and/or invigorate, plus address your specific health concerns.

Arthritis Hand/Knee/Hip Treatments

Use of heat and cold therapies, therapeutic herbs and oils, and specific sports medicine, connective tissue, joint movement, and trigger point therapies to reduce pain and inflammation.

Immune Booster – Chest, Neck, Sinus, Ear and Scalp

Incorporating traditional Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Japanese pressure point therapies and herbal applications these sessions are designed to get you breathing better, boost your vitality and ability to fight infection, and improve mental clarity.

Foot/Lower Leg Massage

Oh, my Aching Feet or Got a Race to Run – massage focus on pain reduction, improving fascial and muscle function, and increasing flexibility and good alignment of the feet and lower leg.

Bottom Buster – our Lower Back/Glute/Hip Massage

Don’t be shy about your bottom, gluteus muscle (Maximus: there is also the Minimus and Medius) that makes up your glorious backside is the largest muscle in the human body, it stabilizes and protects your back, gives grace and stamina and good posture, and allows for improved athletic functioning. You will not cure an aching back without some attention to this muscle and the related smaller muscles attaching to your hips. Working this area also improves circulation and increase nervous system efficiency by stimulating points of departure at the sacrum. This is a great mini-massage for a trained athlete as well as the person wanting better tone and appearance for their hind side. Great for those with arthritis as well – this and the arthritis focused knee and hip treatment, make a great combo.

Popular Massages

  • Ayurvedic techniques
  • Chinese Medical/TuiNa
  • Craniosacral work
  • Cryotherapy (cold/ice)
  • Connective Tissue work
  • Deep tissue techniques
  • Lava Rock Release (hot stone therapy)
  • MediCupping
  • MyoFascial Release
  • Ortho-bionomy

  • Polarity
  • Pranic healing
  • Reflexology
  • Salt stone therapy
  • Shiatsu (Japanese Pressure Pt.)
  • Sport massage
  • Structural Integration
  • Swedish
  • Trager

At BEST, we want you to come back and see us as often as you can. We strive to not just give a great massage, but make your experience with us a life-changing health-promoting event.

Injury Pain Depression Anxiety

Clients with Special Needs/Circumstances

45 minutes – $50 | 60 minutes – $60 | 75 minutes – $75

The owner of B.E.S.T is a Masters level clinical counselor, as well as a licensed massage therapist with over 30years of experience. She has worked extensively with people in trauma, including victims of sexual assault and domestic violence; patients in hospital and rehabilitation facilities; abused and special needs children and infants; those under hospice care; and others.

Clients may opt for treatment sessions in which they can remain fully clothed (loose comfortable clothing should be worn) or in which gentler movement, stretching, ROM (range of motions) and/or pressure point techniques are the focus.

Please talk to us about your specific needs. 

And do not hesitate to share any concerns regarding the type of healing touch that would be most beneficial to you or a loved one. Your faith and confidence in our ability to assist your situation is of utmost importance.


B.E.S.T. strives to bring the best available science and the highest quality products it can to customers. We firmly believe in using products that are naturally derived, gentle, and yet effective. We network continuously with other professionals who can offer sound advisement in creating a better array of services to alleviate pain and promote well-being in our customers. We bring together movement, massage, skin treatments, and nutrition support because we want to care for the whole person; and we make referrals when we cannot meet your needs alone.
Customer service is also very important to us. We want you to love your time with us and come back and see us as often as possible. We welcome your suggestions and feedback.


Respect and care for others is primary. We strive to bring you at high-level of experience in our services, working with many professionals in the Fredericksburg community.

Cancellation and Change Policies

We understand that sometimes life happens, and you cannot make your original appointment. In cases of family or personal emergency, there is no charge for last minute changes. Cancellations made in advance of two days are not charged.
Changes in your requested treatment cannot always be accommodated without advanced notice, though sometimes they can, so you are welcome to ask. We will do our best to refine your requests whenever possible. We take a credit card at the time of bookings, usually charging a $20 per person fee, which we expect to retain for last minute cancellations not due to emergencies.

Special Needs and Accommodations

If you have special medical needs or need special assistance, please let us know in advance so we can make you feel most welcome. BEST’s owner got used to always engaging in advanced planning with businesses while caring her mother during the final years of her life – but boy she loved getting out when business supporter her needs. So we welcome you of all ages and physical ability!