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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Sugar is Sweet and So are You! A VERY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY from BEST Massage!

You are so special and here’s our Special for you.

Rose Petal Almond and Saffron Facial

This is a lovely facial that will work beautifully for all skin types, but is particularly rejuvenating for those with dryer skin and pigmentation variation. This facial has just been made from all organic ingredients, hand-crafted at BEST, including use of roses from our organic rose garden (located behind our office building). Rose oil, highly prized in the skin industry, has oodles of benefits for both the skin and the whole person.

On skin, it helps lighten and brighten, has gentle astringent properties that cleanse, and, when made with not just petals but the hips, is packed with nutrition that aids in skin healing and suppleness. The smell of a good rose – the old saying “stop and smell the roses” is being tested for its efficacy in clinically fighting depression and anxiety. It also is being used to work with those suffering from asthma and COPD. We all know that taking the time to inhale the sweet odor of a rose forces us to breath a bit more deeply and slow the racing mind for just a few moments.

My thinking: the deep inhale and break from normal thought to take in such a lovely fragrance is an instant of meditation. Since I teach meditation, I know the research shows meditation improves health, enhances creative thinking, and lengthens the life span – AMAZING. Taking time to smell a rose or even the lovely smell of a rose facial can produce a well-deserved meditative relaxation state for Moms both young and old. So come take a moment to relax and unwind; Meditate on this amazing flower as it works to improve your skin.

Almonds have all kinds of health benefits for everyone both eaten and used via their oils on the skin. For women particularly, almonds and other nuts have been shown to assist with weight loss, due both to their rich oil content which satiates, and their high vitamin and mineral content, which feeds the body, and also the skin. Almond oil is particularly rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E, as many know, is used medically to speed wound healing and reduce scaring. So, this facial feeds the skin, reducing wrinkles and unevenness or damage. Like rose oil, almond oil also tends to brighten the skin and is often recommended for use around the eyes to reduce the adrenaline driven dark circles we all sometimes experience, due to stress, or being a sleep-deprived MOM – LOL.

Finally, this facial includes just a bit of hand-made organic saffron oil, a very unique ingredient. We chose saffron for a reason, as it is not a common ingredient in skin care, at least, not in the United States. Yet, saffron has been studied (many laboratory animal studies, which is how we most often start with medicine) for its ability to fight inflammation and support wound healing. Studies have indicated that the crocin in saffron does in fact reduce dermatitis and increase the growth of skin cells. Saffron has also been used to protect against UV radiation (sun) and reduce skin hyperpigmentation.

So your skin is getting a whole lot from just three very simple (but not so simple) gifts of nature. As with all our skin treatments, we use products free of chemicals, perfumes, and harshness (as you may find in a commercially mass-produced skin care product). This gentle yet highly effective combination of nature’s gifts to promote skin health is exactly what we strive for at BEST. At BEST, we love growing medicinals for your care at our spa and self-care at home.

This year, in addition to our rose garden, we are growing several varieties of lavender, huge sunflowers (seeds and oils), and mints (tonic and essential oils), We want the best for our customers and do not mind getting our hands in the dirt to deliver.

Now, a little more about the ROSE, as it is considered a symbol of love and most often associated commercially with Valentine’s Day. However, roses of different colors are suggested to mean all kinds of things, with only the deep red rose symbolizing the romantic love of Valentine’s Day merit. At BEST, our gardens are primarily populated with the most fragrant multi-colored and multi-dimensional roses we have been able to procure. Thus, one of our roses pictured with this blog, a close up, is rich in hot pink, light pink, white, ivory and yellow hues. Unlike the roses of Valentine’s day and single size red petals in perfect dimension, our roses are varied and unique in both petal shape, size and color. Each bloom very different from the rest, on a single plant.

The yellow in our roses symbolize friendship, care and remembrance; the white purity’; the pinks sweetness of spirit and joy; and the ivory elegance, luxury, and charm – in the truest sense of those words. BEST strives to be like these rose bushes: creating customized treatments shaped by each individual, which culminate in their personal healing, just like the sweetness of the rose in bloom. We understand that-no two people are unlike.

We hope you will join us in celebration this Mother’s Day! As a Mom myself, with now fully grown sons, I truly try to get it……..with love every step of the way MOMS!

In the original poem from the 1500s as an admiration to women it was written,

She bathed with roses red and violets blue 

And all the sweetest flowers that in the forest grew.

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